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Reading: Allegiant & 1984
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"Mr. Frodo, please," Samwise begs. "Frodon’t."

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He’s a ghost.

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Wanna cook?

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"It turns out a really good cure for being drunk is when you’re on a plane and then an engine explodes and you think you’re going to die."

— Arthur Shappey, St Petersburg, Cabin Pressure (via cabinpressurequotesftw)
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probably is probably my most used word probably

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Come on, Bones! It’s gonna be fun.

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AOS Graphics Challenge —> March 2014

To Enter-

  • Reblogs will be counted until March 2nd or when this post reaches 50 reblogs (25 pairs).
  • Follow the challenge blog and track the tag for updates.

To Participate-

  • You will receive your prompt by March 6th.
  • All graphics should be 500px width but height doesn’t matter.
  • Please format your graphics to look something like this:

AOS Graphics Challenge

[Your URL] vs [PartnersURL]


  • Include links to the challenge blog and your partner’s blog and tag with them as well.
  • Upload your post by the deadline (March 26th)

Extra Info-

  • All posts will be reblogged by this blog.
  • Remember that this is just for fun and there are no winners or losers.
  • Idea came from stpressure as well as these supernatural blogs.
  • If you have any questions just ask
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